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Ready to Dive in?

We’re passionate about sharing the adventure of the blue world with others and our number one goal is to provide quality training while keeping you safe and comfortable so you have the most fun during your diving experience. If you’re ready to get started on a new adventure, then get on the list for our next Open Water Diver class!

Looking for More?

Already certified? Then you’re probably looking for a place to practice and advance your diving skills. We offer all levels of specialty training, from Advanced Open Water through Master Diver. Get in touch with us today to get to the next level of your dive training!

Not Quite Sure?

If you arn’t quite sure about scuba, then consider taking one of our Bubble Maker classes for kids 8+ or a Discover Scuba class for adults. These classes are done safely in a heated pool and don’t require any prior experience. Our instructors go above and beyond to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. 


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